trešdiena, jūlijs 24, 2013

E-prasmju nedēļa 2013

BMW M5 "" LAST ILLEGAL Street Racing

One of the last of wild rides of the talanted street racer and drifter Georgi Tevradze. /R.I.P./
If you were ever on the lookout for videos with insanely talented / dangerous street racers and drifters breaking just about every law on the book and many times, jeopardizing the well-being of other drivers, you probably have heard about and watched Giorgi Tevzadze from Georgia (the country, not the State). We regret to inform you that, according to a number of reports including from the M5E39 website and more importantly, comments on NeedForDrive (NFD), which hosted many videos of Tevzadze's wild rides, the Georgian driver died in a car crash in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. He was not the driver but a passenger in the M5.